• On arrival Messrs. Guests are required to complete the form of Public Safety and deliver a document for each dial the group. Will then apply a bracelet with a pass mark car. Management reserves the right to take legal action against those who will be found inside the campsite without regular registration and own personal bracelet.
  • Upon acceptance will be declared the exact number of members of the group and the equipment to be installed. The client is asked to monitor and report immediately any errors and / or changes.
  • The entrance to the campsite is subject to the consent of the Management..

Emplacement and people

  • The management reserves the right to assign the emplacement at their own discretion.
  • Rates are per night, whatever the time of arrival, and include the use of hot and cold water, electricity, taxes and VAT.
  • To emplacement means the space for a tent / caravan camper, a veranda and a parking space (in emplacement); additional equipment, such as a tent kitchen, gazebos or similar, can be installed only if they do not encroach on adjoining camping lots, and are strictly forbidden: sheeting or tarps tied to trees, fences, structures in wood and iron. Management reserves the right to remove these structures if they create an obstruction and / or limitation whatsoever.
  • It is mandatory to keep clean and tidy their own emplacement throughout their stay, in respect of all Messrs. Guests and for the dignity of the Village itself. In this regard, the Management reserves the right to charge the sum of € 30.00 as a fee for cleaning a camping, for those who do not want to adapt to this simple rule for community living.
  • Messrs. Guests are not allowed to change emplacement without prior permission of the management.
  • Arrivals Camping is allowed from 09:00 to 21:00
  • The day of departure will be counted if this takes place after 12:00.


  • It guarantees delivery of accommodation from 17:00 onwards;
  • All accommodation have to be handed back to the morning of the day of departure by 10:00, duly clean and in order. Otherwise you will lose the deposit paid or will be charged for the costs of cleaning, any damage or lack;
  • Management reserves the right to allot accommodation at its discretion
  • Within the plots reserved for Mobile Homes and Bungalows is forbidden to emplacement tents, gazebos and / or similar equipment.
  • The rental period is understood from Sunday to Sunday (7 nights) possible according to availability also weekends and stays shorter;
  • FORMULA RESIDENCE means the accommodation as bungalow mobile home or maxi-caravan, with a car parking space, complete with pots and pans, blankets and pillows, bed linen changed weekly, veranda or terrace, hot and cold water, electricity, Entrance to the pools, Private beach service with umbrella and two sun loungers, taxes and VAT. On request as an extra, cot, extra bed, air conditioning;
  • FORMULA HOTEL is an extra per person and means the Board with breakfast lunch and dinner, and includes daily housekeeping services.
  • Is obligatory. Add to the quote Accommodation, prices Person Junior Senior Dog.


  • The access of dogs or other animals is at the discretion of management. If accepted, they must pay the fee expected to price list, they must stay on the plots and bungalows reserved for them, and kept on a leash and muzzled. For their physiological needs, the dogs must be accompanied outside the campsite.

Sanitary blocks

  • The campsite his provided with nr. 5 groups of sanitary blocks. Their openness to the public (with delivery of hot water) occurs gradually depending on the objective necessity of the presence of the public, as well as their closure at the end of the season. Some toilets are fitted with equipment for disabled and chemical toilets; The sanitary facilities are to be left in such conditions, how you want to find them.

Ecology and respect for the environment

  • Cards and waste must be deposited in the appropriate containers.
  • Is allowed, car washing only in reserved spaces and times allowed..
  • The laundry and dishes must be washed in the appropriate sinks.
  • Is strictly forbidden to damage plants camping equipment, as well, to dig around the tents, pour hot liquids, salted or waste on the ground and light fires outdoors. And 'admitted the use of the grid carbon as long as the smoke does not disturb the neighbors and not to damage the grass and the ground below.


  • Visitors are not allowed except with permission from the Directorate. If admitted must deliver their identification 'and pay the daily fee, and will have to leave the camp before 19:00.

Tranquility and silence

  • From 14:00 to 16:00 the noises that are prohibited, however, disturb the rest of the campers, such as radios, car radios, record players, songs and screams. Also from 24:00 to 7:00 in the morning are absolutely prohibited gatherings or meetings noisy, disassemble or emplacement tents, use the playground and the pools and those that fall after 24:00 will have to leave the car or any vehicle engine, the car park entrance until morning.
  • The devices that produce sound must be kept at low volume, in silence hours should be turned off.
  • And 'forbidden to play football, bowling and volleyball out of the special spaces or fences.


  • Minors are admitted if accompanied by parents or relatives of age. Children must be accompanied in the use of various equipment and toilets. Parents are responsible for their children. Children must be supervised by their parents, and in this regard, the management is not responsible;

Vehicles and internal movement

  • The parking space in the camp will be decided by the management, the provisions of which will have to follow the campers, in particular, the cars must be parked in the space reserved and capable of moving in any case should never hinder the normal traffic.
  • The entrance gate is closed from 24:30 to 7:00 (after 02:00 then the car or any motor vehicle will remain out of the gate). The bars at the entrance of the village are closed to motor vehicles from 24:00 to 7:00 in these times, to enter and exit, you must be in possession of authorization issued by the management.
  •  The motorcycles and mopeds up to 50cc should always be carried out by hand. And 'forbidden circular cycling in pedestrian areas. The speed of the drive must not exceed 5 km / hour;

First aid and medical care

  • Every infectious disease must be reported immediately to the Management or to the doctor of the campsite.
  • In the period of July and August there is an emergency service with a registered nurse 24 hours a day;

Beach and sea

  • Access to our private beach is free and is only allowed to guests with bracelet passes, and is free in the "F" while the areas "ABCDE" are paid and equipped with umbrellas and sun beds etc .;

Swimming pools

  • Access to the swimming pools is included and is only allowed to guests with a pass bracelet;
  • Do not put in the pools, their equipment as sun loungers sunbeds and umbrellas;
  • For the use of umbrellas and loungers must pay a fee to the price list;
  • Pets are not allowed;

Office cash and payments

  • The Messrs. GUEST of bungalows on arrival must adjust their sojourn bill.
  • TIME CASH Every day from 08:00 to 12:00 and from 17:00 to 21:00
  • Checkout the cashier are only possible when agreed in advance and paying a share of € 50,00 per accommodation / pitch;
  • At the time of payment is to return the bracelets and car sticker, otherwise the charge of € 250.00 per piece;
  • They are enabled transitions with ATM, EDC Maestro, Carta Si, Visa, Mastercard, Dinners
  • Late arrivals and early departures must be communicated to the Directorate, and in any case involving the payment of the booked while delays beyond 24 hours as reported to management involving the cancellation of the reservation.
  • In case of temporary inability to regulate the stay, the equipment is held in custody as a guarantee of any balance;

Renunciation - Modified COVID-19

    In case of renunciation:

  • up to 30 days before the start date of the stay, 80% refund of the deposit or 120% conversion of the deposit into a voucher *
  • from 29 to 15 days before the start date of the stay, 40% refund of the deposit or 120% conversion of the deposit into a voucher *
  • from 14 to 0 days before the start date of the stay, 0% refund of the deposit *
  • There is no refund, but if the cancellation is sent up to 15 days before the start date of the stay, 120% of the amount paid will be converted into a voucher *

  • Vouchers can be spent between summer 2022 until summer 2023:
  • In the event of impossibility to reach the campsite due to restrictions applied by the government authorities, the voucher system will always be provided as a means of reimbursement even close to the arrival date;


  • Each guest is required to keep the objects it owns. Management does not assume any responsibility for the loss or theft of values not given in custody to the same.
  • Not liable for damage due to falling trees or branches and pine cones. The use of complementary equipment gym - sports - leisure will be at the risk of the guests ...
  • If for reasons of force majeure will not be possible for our guests to use the facilities and services made available to the management, will not be required reimbursement of any kind
  • To contact the Directorate motivated complaints and arbitration proceedings NATIONAL ASSOCIATION CAMPING AND VILLAGES based National Confesercenti Via Nazionale 60, Rome;
  • Entry into the camping involves the acceptance and full compliance with this "REGULATIONS". The camp staff is authorized to enforce it and to report to the Management defaults. Those who do not respect the warnings and rules set out above, or who were allowed to go in discussions or demonstrations designed to disturb the peace by other campers, will be invited by the management to leave the campsite.

A "RULES" by its nature is always conditioned by the individual freedom that wants to harmonize with the collective. His "RULES" in general place restrictions fully justified by its purpose of creating better conditions for a civil society richer and more human, in terms of education, respect and mutual esteem. We trust, therefore, entirely on the knowledge and consent of our guest to abide by these modest limitations that allow the stay more peaceful, tranquil and relaxing, and will avoid the unfortunate intervention of the Directorate to restore order

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