Pompeii Archaeological

  • Distance from the campsite: 58,5 Km
  • Travel time: 51 m
  • Category Archeological Zone
  • Scavi di Pompei, via Villa dei Misteri, 2 Pompei (NA)
  • +39081.8575111
  • On a rocky plateau formed by an eruption is placed the ancient city of Pompeii, which was covered by a rain of lava and ash to a height of 6 m during the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD Thanks to this event and the consequent catastrophic condition of the buildings is now possible to visit a real Roman city. Between the end of the seventh and the first half of the sixth century. BC, we are building the first wall, which enclosed an area of about 63 hectares. Towards the end of the fifth century. BC, during the Samnite Pompeii received a strong impetus to urbanization and urban development continues in the following centuries, in '80 became a Roman colony under the name of Cornelia Veneria Pompeianorum. The city has yielded numerous examples of public buildings (with the Capitol, the Forum, the Basilica, administrative buildings, buildings dedicated to the imperial cult, the macellum, the baths, the theater district and the amphitheater) and private (House of Faun, House of the Tragic Poet, the House of Menander, the House of the Chaste Lovers, the Villa of the Mysteries) that contribute to well define the character of the ancient city, is the artistic aspects and those related to everyday life.
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