• Distance from the campsite: 92,6 Km
  • Travel time: 72 m
  • Category Nature
  • +39081.8653911
  • With its unique shape and surrounds the Vesuvio overlooks the Gulf of Naples. As a divinity terrifies and charms at the same time. Magnetism can trigger emotions of all kinds. Climb the large cone, walk through the lava, take one of the nine paths or just breathe the air of Vesuvius is a must-experience for those who decide to visit Naples and Campania. The National Park of the volcanic Somma - Vesuvius, established in 1995, covers a vast area of 8,482 hectares, 13 municipalities, an area UNESCO biosphere reserve and a national forest reserve. What we can admire today is the result of an agreement explosive volcanic activity that 400,000 years ago forged layer upon layer Vesuvius. The Monte Somma, the oldest volcanic area, and Vesuvius, with its crater 650 m. in diameter, are separated from the valley of the Giant where you can see the lava flows and the fabulous pioneer plants. The wealth of minerals and proximity to the sea favored the fertility of the land in the area: apricots, peaches, mulberries, the famous cherry tomatoes and some of the finest grapes unique products that this land gives us. The sight of gorse in bloom on the walls, in the spring, and the snow-capped leaving perfectly see the line of the crater, in the winter, would be sufficient to elect the Vesuvius one of the 7 wonders of the world.
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